Thursday, June 14, 2012

Made It! DIY Faux Layered T-Shirt

Now that Little Bear is mobile I find myself bending down to help him a lot. Which means I also find my shirts creeping up, I don't know about you, but I really hate the feeling of my skin being exposed when it's not supposed to be! This also makes shopping for summer clothes difficult because the shirts I like are either too low in the front or too short at the waist... I don't want to wear turtlenecks (don't even like those in the winter!) and I really don't like to layer my shirts 1. they're too hot that way and 2. they bunch up.

Thus began the search for a tutorial online, how to make a layered shirt without all the layers??? I found some ideas but, not what I had imagined...

1. I grabbed my all time favorite t-shirt (thanks Aunt-T), two old faded glory shirts that were too short, my scissors, sewing machine and these instructions on

I figured if I messed up the old shirts I wasn't out any, I can't wear them as they are anyway!

2. I started by measuring how much shorter the old shirts were to my favorite one, about 4 inches shorter.

Then decided to use the dark blue shirt as the base and cut up the light blue one.

3. I measured and marked 5 inches all around the bottom of the light blue shirt. Then decided 5 inches was too much so I cut off an inch, giving me 4 inches to work with.

4. I pinned the light blue onto the dark blue shirt, making a 1 inch seam, so only 3 inches of light blue would show at the bottom.

5. Since I really like decorative stitches I decided to use one to attach the shirts together. Next time around I would make the stitching a little looser, so it doesn't pull and pucker the t-shirt. I've never sewn with jersey martial so I didn't know. I would probably make two seams next time too, that way it would be nicely reinforced and I could cut off the extra material, it kinda rolls after you wash it. Oh Well!

I think it turned out pretty nice though! It's plenty long enough, now I don't have to make sure my shirt is covering my backside when I bend over to pick up Little Bear. And it really looks like I'm wearing two shirts. Yay!

You could be finished with this step, but I had another idea...

6. I decided I wanted some light blue on the neckline. I cut off the neck of the light blue shirt and added it to the dark blue shirt.

7. I pinned it on the front, I wanted everything to match the best it could. I sewed in the ditch around the neck on the front side so I could see what I was doing.

Here's what the other side looks like. Yes, it did pucker a bit.

Once again, I would probably make two seams next time too, that way it would be nicely reinforced and I could cut off the extra material, since it rolls a bit after it's washed.

You can see the thread a bit when the needle came out of the ditch but thats ok too.

Photos: David & Tammy Larsen Do not copy or alter

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