Thursday, June 21, 2012

Made It! Curtains In The Jungle ~ Butterick Pattern B4947

When we found out we were having a boy we decided to give his bedroom a jungle safari theme. We wanted to paint his room and deck it out to look like the rainforest, but then reality set in... that would be a lot of work, so we decided to decorate without all the painting and started with this really cute jungle bedding set from fisher-price for his toddler bed. Caden loves sitting on his big boy bed cooing at the brightly colored tigers, giraffes, monkeys and parrots. 

As Caden got older we discovered he sleeps better if his room is dark, so we added a room darkening shade, which helped a little. His bedroom window faces the east which means the sunrise comes in very early in the morning (much earlier than Mommy wants to wake up)!

So I collected an old sheet set, half a yard of Baby A to Zoo Stripes, some ribbon, sew-in interfacing, a wooden dowel and Butterick pattern B4947 and went to work on some curtains.

With David's help and only sewing after Little Bear was in bed, they took me a weekend to make. I ran into a few challenges since the pattern I had was for a shorter window, so we had to figure out how much extra material to add to the green section. 

It's a basic pattern and with just a little sewing experience you could make the curtains without a pattern. 

1. Measure the width and length of your window. 

2. Cut 1/2 yard of one color 8 inches wider than your window, by 18 inches long. Baste the sew-in interfacing to this section. 

3. Double the length of your window cut the second color of material that long and as wide as width of your window + 8 inches, so it matches the 1st color. 

4. Pin / baste about 1.5 yards of ribbon to the 1st color of materiel, evenly spaced. Add the 2nd color right sides together, sew in place. 

5. Match the end of the 2nd color with the top of the first color, right sides together, pin, sew along the sides, leaving about an inch open on the bottom of one side and the top open. Turn right side out, figure out where the ribbons are on the front and mark that place on the back, add another 1.5 yards of ribbon to both the places on the back and sew in place. 

6. Turn top down in the back about 2 inches for the casing, sew together leaving the ends open (so you can put the curtain rod through). 

7. About 2 inches from the bottom sew a straight line across (for the casing of the dowel rod) I used a decorative leaf stitch (for the jungle). Add the rod and hand-stitch the opening closed. 

8. Hang your curtains. How To Install Curtain Rods

9. Roll from the bottom up and tie in place. 

Cute little bows! 

Good Morning! 

Good Night!

Photos: Tammy Larsen Do not copy or alter

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