Friday, November 11, 2011

Family! While You Were Sleeping...

Isn't this the cutest little handprint?

We've tried several times to get a handprint of our little guy, but Caden's always so busy checking things out and crawling around, it seems like he's only still when he's asleep and even then he's wiggly!

Someone was extra sleepy this morning... so mommy worked quickly... dabbing a cotton ball in washable poster paint, getting a little hand all painted, which took several tries, Caden likes to curl his hand, touch his face and rub paint into the sheets and blankets, a few more tries to get that little painted hand to touch some paper... then ta-da! A beautiful little handprint! Yay!

Needless to say Caden got a bath when he woke up and I have laundry to do... so worth it though for this tiny handprint!

Check back around Thanksgiving to see why we wanted such a cute little handprint...


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