Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family! Caden’s First Camping Trip

For Memorial Day Weekend we decided to take Caden camping. We had all our gear packed in two big Rubbermaid tubs and the truck loaded, ready to go when David came home from work. The tubs made packing easy; they are still packed and ready for our next trip!

When we got there David hauled wood, dug out the fire pit and put a ring of rocks around it and built a nice little fire. 

I made sure to stake the tent down really well, on our camping trip last summer the tent flap / rain cover came undone in the wind and we thought a bear was trying to get in. In the middle of the night it did get windy and cold, but we stayed warm in our tent.

We made hobo pies for dinner, with our cast iron pie makers. Our favorite is cheese and pepperoni between two slices of heavily buttered bread. You can also put pie filling in between the bread for a tasty dessert. has some fun campfire recipes. We made eggs in the pie irons once, but they didn’t turn out very tasty.

Caden was a happy camper; he slept like a baby, enjoyed hanging out in the hammock and hiking to the reservoir. 

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