Thursday, July 12, 2012

Made It! DIY Dry Erase Frame

For my birthday my brother gave me The Ultimate Insanely Super Hot Chili Pepper Cookbook. The recipes are truly insanely hot, David loves hot stuff so this is the perfect book. I loved the cover of the book, the colors and design are great. I've been wanting to decorate our kitchen but wasn't sure what to do, when I saw the cover I was inspired and decided on chili peppers! 

A few weeks ago I forgot a few important items at the grocery store, I'm always making lists but forgetting to take them with me... David suggested a dry erase board for the kitchen, we can write our list, take a picture of it with our phone and always have it with us (I never forget my phone). Brilliant idea! Except that I don't like the look of a white board.
So, I started looking online for ideas... I really liked this picture frame dry erase board idea from Make It and Love It. We have plenty of picture frames that weren't being used, but couldn't find any fabric with chili peppers... then I remembered the scrapbook paper I had for another project and I found some chili pepper stationary (that's out of print).

With creative juices flowing, I picked out some scrapbook paper that matched my cookbook, cut the pieces to fit the frames, burnt the edges of the tan paper, placed it on top of the green and blue paper, printed off a picture of the stationary, traced a few peppers and placed them on top of everything, hung the frames on the wall and now we have a really cool dry erase board that looks great and is functional all at the same time. 

We use the large frame for our grocery list and the smaller frame for notes to each other, hangman and tic-tac-toe. And we haven't forgotten anything at the store!

Photos: Tammy Larsen Do not copy or alter
Digital Scrapbook: iPhoto

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