Friday, February 3, 2012

Family! Caden 10 Months Old

What's Caden Doing at 10 Months?

Conquered waving, clapping and going up the stairs
Learning to go down the stairs
Went swimming in a big swimming pool
Has 3 teeth, soon to be 4
Celebrated his first New Year
First vacation to Florida

Eating: acorn squash, noodles, kidney beans, pinto beans, crackers, tortilla chips, lettuce and...
With special thanks to his Aunt-T and Uncle Ted, Caden experienced black licorice... ohhh the drool! And a lick of a boston baked beans... you should have seen the look of delight on his face! 

Caden loves to take baths, whenever he hears the bath water running he crawls as fast a possible to the bathtub, pulls himself up and says baa baa baa until he is in the water then he splashes as much as possible!

Weighs 19.8 pounds and is 29.25" tall

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