Monday, February 20, 2012

Mix It Up

We're thinking about mixing up our blog a little and wanted to get your opinion. As the reader what would you like more of?

  • Pictures / stories of our family adventures 
  • Encouragement from God's Word 
  • Crafts - crochet, sew, home decor, scrapbook, pinterest finds, etc
  • Travels - vacation destinations and tips to make travel more fun
  • Recipes - I'm not the pioneer woman, but enjoy cooking and David & Caden love to eat
  • Some other interest??? - please specify in the comments below

Please leave us a comment and let us know what your thoughts are. Also if you read a blog post here that you like please be sure to "like it" so we know more about what people are interested in reading. Thanks!


  1. Recipes!! Love Recipes! I think everyone always needs inspiration for meals. Also for baby food ideas you like! =)

  2. crafts for sure! But really what you enjoy doing most, that's what make's this special!

  3. I will like whatever you decide, you're blog is awesome!

  4. Whatever you really want to do! I love reading your blog and I love the family photos. It's fun seeing Caden grow up. :)

  5. Thanks for your input, new adventures will be shared! Starting March 1st...

  6. Your blog is great have such a unique and awesome family and so victorious, overcoming family stories would be good ...and for ex. in your Good Samaritan blog maybe adding an example from your life too? Marjorie
    I couldn't figure out how to do the profile thing, so I'm anonymous lol)


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