Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Family! Who Does Caden Look Like?

Often we get the question "Does Caden look like Daddy or Mommy?" We like to think he's a perfect blend between both of us. Now that he's older though, his personality is really starting to shine! 

Some days he looks just like Daddy, from the cute little faces, to the adventurous look in his eyes, to his mischievous smile, to the beautiful curly hair.

Other days he looks just like Mommy, from the big blue green eyes, to the sad faces, to the happy and silly moments.

But most of all he looks like Caden! The happy, silly, kind, gentle, adventurous, mischievous boy that he is, with the big eyes and the curls around his ears... he's our boy and thats the way we like him!

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