Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Are You Ready To Blast Off?

We made this little card for Caden to give to people when he tells them about Jesus soon return. I've even started handing them out, it's so exciting to share the Good News of Jesus' soon return!

We even started a blog for him to share about Jesus' soon return:
You have our permission to print as many of the Blast Off! cards as you'd like, to give to your friends and family, free of charge.

Download Instructions:

  1. Right click image
  2. Select "Save image as..." (PC) or "Download linked file" (Mac)
  3. The image should save automatically to your Downloads Folder. If you can't find the file, search for the original file name "BlastOff_4x6.jpg". 
  4. The Blast Off! card is intended to be printed as a 4x6 photo. If you experience any issues with this download please contact us or leave a comment.
Image Credits: - You have permission to view, download, edit and remix this toy rocket vector file for personal and commercial purposes.

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