Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Flash Back 2013! Year of Blessings

Hope you've had a great year! 
Our year has been full of blessings! Here's some highlights from 2013:

In April David quit his job, to pursue becoming a Network Engineer. After months of studying on his own and completing several exams, he landed a great entry level Networking job in October.
April - June we traveled 7,369 miles by car through 10 states,

partially looking for job opportunities and mostly spending time together as a family. We especially enjoyed the state of Oregon, visiting family we hadn't seen in a long time and going to Yellowstone & the Tetons National parks. You can read about the details of our trip here

In June we found out we're expecting a baby! Caden is very excited to be a big brother! We haven't been able to find out if we're having a boy or a girl, but we're happy to welcome another little one to our family. 

Caden is such a joy to us! It's seems like this summer he grew up so quickly, he loves to play outside, and is really into trucks, tractors, trains, puppies and learning to read. He's all boy!

Last year I started sewing for fun, people saw my work and told me I could sell it. So, I took a chance, opened an Etsy shop, and have done quite wel. You can check out my store Doodlebug & Friends here

In November we we're given a wonderful opportunity to move from our townhouse to a 3,600 sq ft home near the mountains. Its a beautiful home, with a fenced in back yard, plenty of room to run and play, and mama is planning a garden this summer!

Happy New Year!

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